Friday, August 03, 2007

I loves me some Chris Dodd

Hmmm, never cared about him that much before, but I gotta give Chris Dodd props for his utter smoothness in facing down Bill "O'Really?"

If you haven't been following this wacky controversy, Bill's been looking for ways to smear the political blog Daily Kos, and hit on the brilliant strategy of highlighting a bad photoshop image posted in the one of the thousands of comments they get every day. Now he's trying to intimidate presidential candidates into staying away from the Yearly Kos convention. Dodd wasn't having any of it.

To me, the funniest part of the video is when Dodd calls O'Reilly to task for saying hateful things on his own show, like talking about al Qaeda bombing San Francisco. Bill loudly denies that he EVER SAID ANY SUCH THING: "You don't know what the hell I said! You got it from Media Matters!!!"

Well, of course, that story is on Media Matters, among other places. There's also an audio clip of him saying it. So in addition to all the other "smearing" that Media Matters does, they apparently have an incredibly convincing Bill O'Reilly impersonator on the staff!


  1. I lost it at "you're a propagandist, Senator". Loudmouthed asshole.

  2. It is absolutely crazy how O'Reilly repeatedly denies saying things when we have video and audio of him doing so. In his twisted "reality," there must be legions of "liberal media" folks who have nothing better to do than make him look like an intolerant hatemonger. He doesn't seem to realize that he does this so much better than anybody else possibly could.

  3. Anonymous6:57 PM


    Leave O'reilly alone; after all, he did win 2 Peabodys.