Thursday, February 26, 2009

My newest blog

I've let this blog stagnate for a while, mainly because I've been extremely busy working on the Atheist Experience blog a lot.

Now I've got a new blog which I would like to hype.  I just wrote my second post on Castles of Air, which is dedicated to issues focusing on software development.  This is intended to be my professional blog.  I want to keep it separate from the other two blogs, because I would like to be able to show it to professional colleagues without worrying about mixing in my feelings about politics or religion.

This will probably make me post here even less often, since programming and other nerdy stuff were topics that I used to discuss on Kazim's Korner.  However, since my professional blog has no followers yet, I will make a habit of putting a link from here to each post that I make on Castles of Air.  But don't rely I hope that will help to improve traffic flow of both this blog and CoA.  The other blog is of course a nerdy endeavor, but computers are everywhere in our lives, and even non-programmers might be interested in looking inside the process.

My first two posts: