Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Daily Show blows a comic opportunity

I was waiting in eager anticipation for last night's "Daily Show," since they didn't discuss the YouTube Democratic debate on the night of the debate itself.

In one sense I wasn't disappointed, because they focused the first 2/3 of the show on the debate and it was funny. But they focused mostly on the form of the debate, and very little on the candidates' responses. For my money, easily the most mockable moment in the entire debate was when someone asked the question "How many of you arrived on a private jet?"

Several candidates (mainly Clinton, Obama) confidently put their hands up, at least being honest about the question. Bill Richardson put his hand halfway up, glanced nervously around at the others to see who else was copping to it, and then sheepishly raised his hand the rest of the way. That had my home audience busting up. Unfortunately, Team Stewart must not have seen the comedy potential in that incident.


  1. In the spirit of xkcd, the best CNN/YouTube commentary I've seen so far has got to be defective yeti's parody.

  2. By the way, in the interest of accuracy, I want to add that it turns out Richardson was responding to the question "Did you arrive TODAY on a private jet." His side of the story is that he was hesitant to answer the question with a "yes" because he had arrived the previous day, and wasn't sure that counted.