Friday, September 22, 2006

Grad school sucks

In case you wondered why I haven't been blogging lately, here is my to-do list by October 13:

Distributed Systems
  1. Do big bank program
  2. Do other homework (3 questions)
  3. Create study guide for midterm (covers chapters 5-10)
  4. Prepare interim project report with partner
Mobile Computing
  1. Do all Friday reading, including extra Friday papers (64 pages)
    1. Partitionable Group Membership in Ad Hoc Networks
    2. A mobile transaction model
      EXTRA FOR THIS MONTH (discussion leader)
    3. Pilot system for ad hoc networks
    4. High Commit Mobile Transactions
  2. Write reading discussion for Friday
  3. Do Saturday reading (or put some off till Friday after tests) (59 pages)
    1. Mobile Computing Middleware
    2. Lime: A Middleware for Physical and Logical Mobility
    3. Scalable Service Discovery for MANET
  4. Create study guide for 45 minute "quiz"
  5. Agree on term paper topic with partners