Monday, July 16, 2007

The Motley Fool reopens its doors

Here's something I forgot to mention earlier. For years I've been a dedicated member of the Motley Fool message board community. In fact, part of the reason I created this blog was to archive some of my favorite posts that I had written there. In 2002, the boards became a paid service, so you could no longer read or post there if you did not cough up $30 per year. Admittedly, this has helped somewhat in keeping out the riff-raff and having some smart discussions, but it is also frustrating, since I can't just send non-members a link to some good discussions.

I'm happy to say that a couple of weeks ago, TMF reopened their doors. Now, anyone at all can read the boards, but you still need to be a member to post. However, memberships no longer require money; you can join if you know a current member. Since I happen to be a current member, anyone who knows me well can get a guaranteed invite. Just email me.

Here's my profile, which links to recent posts of mine. Be sure to check out my two favorite hangouts, Atheist Fools (a board I sort of helped to start, way back in the day) and Computer and Video Gamers. Great conversations with cool people.


Actually, the event does not occur until a few weeks from now, I don't know exactly when. Also, my total number of invitations is limited to 20. I don't necessarily expect to use them all anyway.


  1. nephlm10:15 AM

    That good news.

    For the record though, you didn't sort of help start AF, you started it.

    I however have the first post after yours and the administrative stuff.

  2. Wow, you mean you're Zafkiel? All this time and I didn't even realize it!

  3. nephlm10:01 AM

    That would be me, Zafkiel aka TMFNephlm aka nephlm.

    I sadly don't have time to keep up with AF anymore but I at least lurk here.

  4. Would you mind sending me an invite to the Motley fools boards, please?