Thursday, November 08, 2007

The writer's strike explained

I hate the fact that there's a writer's strike; it means that I won't be seeing new episodes of The Daily Show for a while, and Boston Legal will probably go into reruns soon. My friend Possum Momma is also affected by it directly.

Joss Whedon, whose work I dearly love in all incarnations, (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, most of Toy Story) has written a great essay that explains why the strike is good and necessary. Everything Joss says must be right by definition, for he is Joss.

Also, this video is one of the most clear and concise explanations of the strike that I've heard so far:

I'm a fan of writers. With a very few exceptions, I despise reality shows and think they are a cheap, lazy way to get around the need to write compelling content. I mean, user-generated content is great and all; I like blogs (obviously) and message boards. But give me a good, solid novel any day, or a well-written non-fiction account. Give me a TV show that's smart and/or funny, as long as it's well written. There's only so much schadenfreude I can derive from watching Simon Cowell brutally crush the egos of young idiots who mistakenly believe they can sing. (This is one of the "few exceptions." The first few episodes of American Idol are loads of fun. After the field of contestants has been narrowed down to people who supposedly have "talent," not so much.)

In other news, and speaking of Mr. Whedon, a friend recently notified me that he has a new show in the works. With Eliza "Faith" Dushku. Be of good cheer.


  1. Here's an interesting article:
    explaining a piece of what sriptwriters have been expreiencing that I didn't even have a clue about--- In a nutshell-- changes in FCC laws in 1995 destroyed independent production companies-- effectively giving broadcasters MUCH more control... and those further down on the food chain (like writers)-- significantly less.

  2. I think it's "Eliza" not "Elizabeth" Dushku.

  3. So noted and corrected.

    Strange, I could have sworn she was credited a "Elizabeth" on Buffy, and Eliza was just a nickname. But I checked her Wikipedia page and it doesn't have any mention of that, so I guess I'm wrong.

  4. Sounds cool - Joss I mean.

    On the strike, I shall stop reading as I sign of solidarity.