Thursday, November 15, 2007

And then, Pinky, we will try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

I just wanted to mention that I'm fooling around ideas for promoting this blog better. I signed up for Google Analytics yesterday and I'm having some fun looking at the information I'm getting -- about 60 unique readers each day. At one point, I had hacked up my own invisible statistics reader for the blog, but it was in dire need of a rewrite, and I decided Google Analytics would be a good way to not reinvent the wheel.

In addition, my recent Master's work with Digg reminded me that I should start making it easier to recommend posts here, so I've added that little "Digg this" link that you see in the upper right corner. I wouldn't be so crass as to Digg my own posts, but I'm not above begging. So if you're a regular reader and you have a Digg account, I'd be greatly obliged if you'd skim some of your favorite recent posts and hit the button.

No, not THIS post. This post sucks. I notice that the anti-9/11 conspiracy post is popular, but that's partly because it's recent.

The button's not too annoying, is it? Let me know.


  1. Take a look at a third party feed aggregator as well, like Feedburner. With RSS and feed readers, Google Analytics can't tell the whole story. I read every new post you put up, but I don't actually visit the site unless I have a comment to post, so I won't usually show up on your stats. Using a system like Feedburner (or others) can help you keep track of the number of people that subscribe to your feed and give you some extra ideas and options on advertising and promotion.

    The biggest pain is that you have to convince your subscribers to unsubscribe from your old feed, which will still be there, and resubscribe using your new feed.

  2. Thanks for the tip, GG. I just set up feedburner, but it looks like I don't have to convince subscribers of anything. Blogger now has a setting that will automatically redirect all feeds to feedburner.