Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's official: I have no life

This is stupid and of no interest to anybody. But as of last night, after nine months of playing, I have a level 60 character in World of Warcraft.

To fill in those who are not gigantic gaming nerds, World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online roleplaying game, and level 60 is the highest level you can achieve. It sort of means that you won the game, although not really, because you can still keep joining up with other level 60 players to engage in high level content, fight other players, and get more gold and stuff in the game that will never, ever improve your real life. In short, it is the pinnacle of loser-dom. :)

Some of my friends and guildmates from The Motley Fool message boards were on hand to help me break the level 60 barrier. You can see screenshots of the big event by going to the Warcraft Fools album.

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