Monday, August 15, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

I live about an hour and a half from Crawford, TX. I heard about Cindy Sheehan and wanted to go down there on Saturday, but I couldn't make it because I was busy with the broadcast of my internet audio show, The Non-Prophets. I told my sister Keryn about it instead, and she went with her boyfriend and two other friends.

According to Keryn, there were about 200-300 people there supporting Cindy Sheehan, and about six counter-protestors on the other side of the road holding up pro-Bush signs. They met and hugged Cindy, and they also met Barry Crimmins who had been sent from The Randi Rhodes Show. They tell me that there was a huge pile of donated food and water, and everyone was free to go over there and take whatever they wanted. It was almost like a party.

The funniest part of their story was about the counter-protestors. They were organized by a local right wing radio station, but there were only a small handful of them. They held up signs saying things like "Don't the Iraqi people deserve their freedom?" It was a typical scorching hot day in Crawford. The people on the Cindy side of the road were jockeying for what little shade there was. The counter-protestors had no shade anywhere, and they hadn't brought any water either.

My sister's friend went across the street to them with bottles of water and said, "Here, would you like some of this?" They turned it down, saying, "The guys in Iraq aren't getting water."


  1. I guess your sister didn't go to Crawford on Saturday, when the Pro-Bush, counter-protestors showed up in equal (if not greater) force than the Camp Casey side.

    The reason you don't see very many Republican protests or prolonged camp-outs, is that most Republicans are fully, gainfully employed, and thus cannot spend their week days somewhere holding signs and chanting (otherwise referred to as "protesting").

  2. Maybe the counter protestors were convinced that their imaginary god would provide for them. I think it is great that so many people are providing their support to Cindy. Hopefully, this pointless was will come to an end soon.

  3. Actually she did go on Saturday. Apparently you didn't, unless you think my sister is a liar.

  4. Cool! Way to go Keryn!

  5. Martin Wagner5:12 PM

    Russell, it looks like the stupid braying of the chickenhawk 101st Fighting Keyboardists has finally hit your comments section. Your blog has Arrived, sir!

    So, "robbie," since Keryn was there on Saturday and didn't see these "equal (if not greater)" numbers of counter-protestors that you claim were there, how do you know their numbers were so high? Were you there that day? Or are you just parroting some claim you read on some other right-wing blog? I mean, it's not like Republicans make grandiose, bullshit claims or anything. You know, like "Iraq has WMDs and any minute we could see mushroom clouds over American cities".

    Cindy Sheehan is the real face of the Iraq War, a grieving mother who needlessly lost her son to an ill-conceived conflict launched under false pretenses, and who only wants to look her president in the eye and ask "why did this happen?" (She has also, incidentally, done a better job of galvanizing nationwide anti-war sentiment than groups like ever have.)

    Bush is too big a coward to look her in the eye. And every day he continues his five week vacation being too cowardly to face her will make his black mark even darker. 42% approval and falling...

  6. Russell, it looks like the stupid braying of the chickenhawk 101st Fighting Keyboardists has finally hit your comments section. Your blog has Arrived, sir!

    It probably just means that some wingnut followed me here from the Al Franken Show blog, where I linked this one. Thanks though.