Monday, October 17, 2011

Current TV watching status

Just for the hell of it, and to keep this from being a dead blog, here's my report on what TV shows I've been watching on Netflix.  Obviously this doesn't exactly count as earth-shattering news, but what the hey.

I usually don't sit and watch TV while doing nothing else, but I'll frequently have it on in the background while doing other activities.

  • Finished season 5 of Doctor Who on Netflix instant watch this morning (which is why I decided to create this list).  Now I have to wait for season 6 to end so I can start queuing it.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Lynnea will not watch it because as far as she's concerned, David Tennant is the last Doctor Who.  Won't even give Matt Smith the time of day.  Poor Matt.
  • I've been streaming audio of the BritCom The IT Crowd on my Android in the car.  Nearly done with the series.  The only time this does not work is when they do musical interludes with lots of laugh track, as there is clearly some visual comedy going on that I'm missing.  Almost done with the entire series.  It's enjoyable, but kind of a stupider version of Big Bang Theory, which is unfortunately not available on instant watch.  Stupider because in BBT, you can tell that the nerd jokes are authentic and loving.  In ITC, half the time they are clearly speaking complete gibberish for laughs.
  • I finished rewatching (or relistening to) Buffy a while back, but I never did get through Angel.  Nearly done with Season 2 now, but it's been lower priority for me than "Who".
  • Lynnea and I are now about two seasons behind Dexter.  Added Season 5 to the DVD queue as it's not available on instant.
  • Got Ben hooked on Third Rock From the Sun.  One of the all-time great comedies, IMHO.  I'm saving episodes for when he's around and we have nothing else to do.
  • Watched a single episode of Breaking Bad.  Promising start, I think, so I'm saving more episodes for later.  It was recommended by a coworker who, in turn loves Game of Thrones and has to put up with my constant danger of spoiling the series.
  • Speaking of which, season 2 of Thrones starts up again in April, so I'll be going to my sister's again for screenings.  Woohoo!
  • We still have about one and a half seasons of Quantum Leap that Lynnea's never seen, and we watch it at the rate of about one episode every two months.  That oughta take a while.
Well, that about covers it.  I know it sounds like I watch a lot of TV, but as I said, I often play it as background noise in the car and while working on other stuff, and it took me over three years to get through Doctor Who, so, you know...


  1. I cannot disagree with you more as to "The I.T. Crowd" and "Big Bang Theory". BBT is the dumb cousin of ITC and cannot even begin to live up. It's smarter, funnier and doesn't rely on making fun of it's protagonists which BBT does in spades.

  2. If you're interested in my opinion (and why wouldn't you trust in the taste of some guy on the internet you know nothing about), Breaking Bad is one of the greatest TV series ever. Ever.
    Quantum Leap, I loved as a child, but now I find it hard to watch. It gets a little too formulaic for me, and it's hard for me to take this love story seriously that develops in each episode.

  3. Muriel: Yeah, QL seems a LOT campier now than I had remembered. One thing that bugs us both a lot is how all the episodes that treat it as a foregone conclusion that a bad relationship is just supposed to work out because it's meant to. I.e., Sam has to reconcile a daughter with her estranged father, and we're shouting that he's an abusive, controlling jerk and she should find a way to strike her own path. Or, he has to save a crumbling marriage, when it seems obvious that they'd be happier after splitting up.

    Also, Lynnea is intent on "shipping" Sam and Al as a star crossed gay couple, which really doesn't work for me.

  4. Yeah, well, of course the whole God-and-fate-stuff was hard to bear even then, but today it seems even...
    Gay couple?
    You know... I should probably say something to that, but I'm afraid you might take it the wrong way if I blatantly insulted your fiancée. So I won't.
    Instead: I always wondered what the writers thought would happen after Sam left. Some of the persons he jumped into seemed to be real asshats. Does Ziggi cure them of that while they're in the waiting room, so they come back all nice and cuddly?

  5. How can Lynnea not like Matt Smith as the Doctor? I mean, yeah, David Tennant was probably the best Doctor of them all, but Matt is just phenomenal.

  6. Bow ties certainly are cool.

  7. Kerri6:03 PM

    Our lists of shows is very similar. We love "The IT Crowd" so much... the "Internet" episode is a big quotefest around here. I see that show and BBT as nowhere near the same or compariable, though. Both about nerds, but completely different. We chose to forego Dexter this season and maybe catch the entire season after it is done so we can gauge the religious aspect. Last season will be so hard to beat.

    And I agree with Lynnea... David Tennant WAS the last Dr. Matt Smith is good... but it's like he's TRYING to be an imitation of David Tennant, and he's failing miserably. I would have preferred completely different.

    We did a Dollhouse marathon this weekend on streaming... wow, such a good, well-written, cohesive show. The season 2 epilogue is just so heart wrenching. Worth a watch. Just 2 seasons.

  8. Try to watch The Wire when you can. Maybe the best TV drama ever written, certainly the best of its time.