Monday, February 14, 2011

A few words about the Zeitgeist sequels

I've finally been goaded by Zeitgeist fans into looking into the background of the new movies, which are promoting "The Venus Project." It's a lengthy topic, and I wasn't sure whether to post it here as a personal commentary or on The Atheist Experience blog. TAE blog won in the end simply because it gets a lot more traffic, but I'm certainly linking it from here.


  1. There should be a mass burning of all hard-drives with zeitgeist on them.

    Why bother even watching the sequels? Zeitgeist spoke volumes about how the producers think and the crap they believe. I reckon the sequels will be more of the same.

  2. Dude, you are easily the funniest guy on the non-prophets and TAA. Matt gets most kudos but he does not have the humour. You do. Me and my girlfiend LOL much at your quips. BTW non-prophets > atheist experience. The craic on TNP is awesome. We think TAA is getting a bit fanboyish.....It's no fault of yours or anyone else but I liked the days when your show was brand new and theists called in (shield and sword equipped) and got utterly destroyed. Now it's us atheists phoning up and praising the presenters on high. Anyway, keep up the good work etc. etc. Happy easter! Christ died for our eggs yum yum.

  3. Thanks, hannanibal! Are you, by any chance, the same guy who emailed me a while back to help when I was learning Python?

  4. Nope! But I am English and also a self proclaimed authority on all things Python.

    I did e-mail TAA once but it had nowt to do with python. Anyway, it got lost in the fanboy-luv methinks.

    The only reason I commented on this blog was that I think you need more recognition for some of the truly awesome comments made on TNP and TAA. The other night, I was going through old episodes of TAA whilst pottering around the house and you where on, sarcastically moaning about non-skeptical thinkers, and you made a comment about how "some doofus sees a weather balloon and thinks UFO" and me and my lass simultaneously creased up laughing. And lets not forget Your coinage of....."TRUE STORY" at the end of a ridiculos claim. We use that now, as a colloquialism, in the place where I live.....true story (no, really it is).
    Dude, if you like British humour may I suggest watching the "IT Crowd"? It's an absolute lol-fest and is a pinnacle of crappy-goodness.

  5. Well I do appreciate the recognition, it cheered me a bit at the end of this weekend. Although... I kind of think of Jeff as jumping on Pat Robertson's "True story" phrase as something to be applied to the general case, but I guess we both arrived there equally.

    And we're talking about different Pythons, I think. I'm ALREADY an expert on the Monty variety.

  6. Yeah, Jeff did tell the story of Jesus using a scourge made by a secular humanist (true story)! That was hilarious.
    But come on! That impression he did sounded less like Pat Robertson than Jeffs normal voice. Kermit the frog sprung to mind.

    You probably hear this all the time but considering the U.S.A. is officially more secular than the U.K.(with reference to state endorsed religion) you have seriously more nutters than us lot.
    Nobody in England, apart from the Archbishop Of Canterbury,
    is really arsed about religion. Yeah, when asked, most people identify themselves as protestant but no-one cares.
    There's no doubt that TAA has gone viral so it must be doing the trick and if you get the message home to just one person then job's a good 'un.

    BTW I was on about the monty variety of python.

  7. I'm already familiar with the differences between our countries, in the sense that I diligently follow British comedy. Python, Mitchell & Webb, Douglas Adams, Coupling, I dig it. Bear in mind that Texas is not entirely representative of how religious the whole country is, but some parts are still crazier than we are.

    And when I originally brought up Python, I was referring to a programming language.

  8. Mitchell and Webb! quality stuff. I didn't know anyone in The U.S. knew who they were.
    Peep Show is probably the funniest thing on the TV at the moment. It wouldn't be any good without David Mitchell's charachter though. He is to peep show what Cartman is to South Park i.e. The main source of comedy.
    The only thing I know about Adams was the excellent Hitchhikers Guide.
    I do remember Jeff going on about watching Father Ted and not being impressed and I was fucking gobsmacked. Father Ted is legendary. I don't think it was meant as a series attacking religion specifically, more like a sitcom that just happens to have preists as it's main characters.

    I think my favourite U.S comedy has to be a program called Fox News. Closely followed by Futurama.

    On a different topic, Judging on the mentality of recent callers to TAA Texas doesn't seem as crazy as it used to. Remember the woman who said she could ask god what the cure for cancer was and the cure was not believing in evolution!? Or the woman who's alarm clock made a different tune one morning and that somehow proves a creator of the universe!? I miss them.