Monday, September 13, 2010

I get other Amway mail

Every once in a while I get mail that is just so awesome, it would be a real shame not to share it. (And this forestalls the need to apologize for not blogging in the last three months.)

Message 1:


u r so foolish man. it seems u r the one who dnt need more money....gr8 u r the gr8st hermit of this century....actually i feel its u who is brainwashing people but actually digging hole for urself by wasting ur life. it seems u hve gud ways to earn millions n billions n a very noble cause to make people know dat they sud not earn so much. My dear Success goes to minority never in a ny place in world history has majority got success right beginning from school to career.

Message 2, four minutes later:

Subject: u r a lier

ur website is also unproffessionally maintained any high profile can judge the falsehoodness engraved in it. actually a child if taught can even make a gud website than u hve done. ur datas are also so malupulated u know it urself. u r just a masked man who is destined to failur in life.
IF u wud hve understood AMWAY u wud hve been a free man n helping thousands worldwide making charities.


  1. Is "falsehoodiness" the opposite of truthiness?

  2. I'm reading through your Amway experience - very amusing! I've been there, done that... even signed up. Nothing came of it, and I didn't get too far into it. Whew! I did later sign up for another MLM, Nikken, and tried a little harder - but guess what? It didn't work either! Big surprise.

    Anyways, I'm to the point describing the attributes of a destructive cult. Sounds kind of like the Tea Party...

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    reading his post makes me feel more dumberer up in the forebrain part of my think-pan

  4. hmmm, I didn't know you wore a mask, I always thought that was your real face.

  5. You only think that because you haven't seen the Amway mail I've been receiving for years and years.