Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yeah, you can trust me!

My goatee and mustache say that I'm pretty trustworthy, at least if Some Guy On The Internet is to be believed.

And really, would Some Guy lie to you?

However, I'm not quite as trustworthy as my dad, and not nearly as trustworthy as PZ Myers. But then again, who is?


  1. That's hilarious. It seems my trustworthiness totally depends on the weather and the time of the week. I have never sported the Hitler or Jackson however, so I think I'm alright.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Guess until I can grow a substantial mustache I'll have to resign myself to being "threatening."

  3. Anonymous4:17 AM

    It thought the old wisdom goes: "Never trust a man with a beard". ;)

  4. *crosses his arms and glares* It's not a "goatee + mustache," it's a Van Dyke. Few too many people know the proper nomenclature for this proud facial phenomenon.