Friday, March 05, 2010

Presidential video... cute but not that funny

So this video has been making the rounds on the internet. Am I the only one who doesn't find it particularly funny?

Ron Howard managed to pull together all the living past presidential impersonators from Saturday Night Live into one all-star sketch. That's an accomplishment in itself. And they apparently shot it in fifteen hours. Also impressive, or so I'm told.

I am a fan of old SNL and like every one of the performers -- yes, including Jim Carrey (the only non-SNL guy on set) as Reagan. Each guy goes through the motions of all the quirks they used to give these characters. Dana Carvey says silly disjointed things, Will Ferrell acts clueless, Chevy Chase falls down, etc. But it just seemed like they forgot to add any jokes. Also, the inspirational message didn't inspire me all that much.

As a nostalgia trip, thumbs up. As a comedy routine, not so much. Also, it goes without saying that I miss the late Phil Hartman an awful lot. His portrayals of both Reagan and Clinton could run circles around most of those guys.

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  1. I had about the same reaction as you. Including the absence of Hartman. He was never the most gregarious and loud SNLer but he was consistently funny. Caveman lawyer and frankenstein are both genius and yet simple.

    The other thing I hate is thinking about vaccine denial shit every time I see Jim Carey. I wish I could just think of him as being funny, because he has been at times.