Friday, October 09, 2009

Don't throw me in the briar patch

Random: Tonight I heard an interview discussing the very serious possibility that Sarah Palin could win the 2012 Republican primaries for president. So lemme say this from the bottom of my heart...

Dear conservative friends: Please, please, please. Whatever you do, DON'T make Sarah Palin win the primaries. I think of all the possible candidates, she is the one we liberals most fear will defeat Barack Obama in the next presidential race. I'm begging you! Don't vote for her!

This is not reverse psychology at all! Would I lie to you?


  1. I agree...the thought of running against such a stalwart, intelligent pillar of virtue makes me shudder in fear! If she runs, Obama is done for...and I think it will usher in a new era of at least DECADES of Republican rule.

    Also...please, please do NOT pick Michelle Bachmann as her running mate. Such a duo of strong Northern women would steam-roll the entire country.

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  3. I just fell in love with Ing a bit.

    While I think Obama would handily beat Palin. By an embarrassing amount, I wonder how Palin would affect down ticket republican candidates. You know the theory, if there is a candidate that people really like, and it brings people out to the polls that ordinary would not go, it can help members of that persons party in lesser races. I would, when looking at smaller geographical areas, if having Palin in the race might actually help some republicans in House races?

  4. This is not good. The fact that the Republican party is self-destructing and is continuing to do so is not a good thing. One doesn't need to like the party's current policies to see that having a country with only one viable political party is not great. It gives very little choice when candidates decide not to do things they should they would. Look at how Obama is not acting at all to deal with DOMA or Don't Ask Don't Tell. Similarly, he is being as bad or worse than Bush on many civil liberties issues such as detaining people without trial and warrantless wiretaps. We need a viable political alternative and Sarah Palin won't do that. It might be satisfying to see the Republicans fail and the Democrats succeed out of some sort of tribal loyalty but it really isn't helpful for what actually matters: getting the best policies implemented.

  5. @Joshua: That's a pretty good point, but I don't think we'd be left with only one party if the Republican party did self-destruct. I imagine something would spring up to fill the void...only problem is, given the way political discourse is going in general I'm afraid of what kind of party that would be that would fill the vacuum on the right.

  6. Fiddlesticks. There will never be a time when there isn't enough disagreement between two factions that they can't form a splinter party. In fact, I would argue that the faster the Republican party can self destruct, the faster they can clear the way for a less loony party to become a serious contender.

    Who's it going to be? Maybe it will be "blue dogs" vs. actual liberals like Bernie Sanders. Bring it on. Maybe Libertarians (real Libertarians) will stand a chance to replace the party that is basically Libertarianism plus religious idiocy and rampant racism and thuggery.

    Dispensing with a party that has outlived its usefulness won't destroy the center, it will simply move the center elsewhere. You don't see many Whigs or Tories around these days, do you?