Thursday, April 02, 2009

SEE? I'm not the only one!

Considering how many times I've had exactly this dream, I feel vindicated or something.


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Could be worse. Dreaming about completing Mathematics Assignments whilst the Axioms slowly changed around me would get me up in a cold sweat.

    Damn it the distributive axiom has changed...again.

    Ooooh time dependent axioms, fun fun.

    The subconscious mind is often...somewhat evil.

    W R

  2. I've had that dream many times as well. And I graduated from college in 2004.

  3. I feel your pain.

    I hardly ever remember much about my dreams, but I do recall one from the second year of my undergrad back in Fall of '99. I had two exams coming up (Calculus and Digital Logic) and my dream consisted of me trying to meld the two subjects together..... problem is they don't really go together at all. I woke up worried and totally confused.

    And in a related story, I actually fell asleep towards the end of the aforementioned Digital Logic exam... not one of my finer moments.

  4. I still have that dream, sometimes as often as once a month-- usually some part of it involves trying to get to the registrar's office so I can verify what classes I was signed up for in the first place! (haven't formally been in school now since grad school in 2000, first college degree in 98, hs graduation in 92) --- though I think the whole 'how long has it been since you were in school' has little to do with it... my mother still has these dreams with some regularity

  5. While I've never had that dream, I have actually missed my class's final in real life by writing down the wrong date; quite the flip-flop of that dream. I guess I don't have my mental priorities straight?

  6. Wow! I totally have that dream, too! I had no idea other people had it, too. I graduated college in 92. I occasionally have the "unprepared" dream but more often I am a Resident Assistant again, which totally sucked the first time. It doesn't get better in the dream. Weird thing is the rest of my life is the same- I'm not "back" in school - I have a job and family to juggle along with the stupid school work I can't seem to figure out.


  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I teach at a local community college, and I have the exact same dream. But, instead of forgetting to go to the class, I forget to teach it! In the dreams I'm approaching finals, and then suddenly remember that I started to teach an 8am class and then forgot all about it.

    Every now and again I realize it's a dream before I wake up. You'd hope a student would complain at some point...

  8. It seems like I have that dream once a week, and I haven't even been to college yet. It's always something like, for some reason I've had to go back to high school before I can go to college, but I don't know where my locker is, or any of my classes are. So I'm late to all of my classes and I'm completely lost as to what's going on in any of them and I don't have my homework, etc. so halfway through the day I just go "fuck this" and leave.