Friday, January 23, 2009

This is not the Bush Administration

The White House has a blog.

With a guy who's a technology expert.

They're using it to, like, communicate stuff.

About policy.

It's been updated several times already in the few days it's been up.

And they're encouraging feedback.



  1. True dat!

    Global Gag rule has been repelled!

    and, check out

    Gives you an easily searchable list of all the contracts the fed has awarded. You are right, this is not the Bush administration.

    On the Media from NPR last weekend had an excellent beginning editorial on Bush's relationship with the media. In short, they said that the Bush administration gave the media a big middle finger. It was an excellent strongly worded piece.

  2. And since the NSA already knows what we're up to, I suppose we don't have to worry about commenting there.

  3. I find it somewhat disturbing to note that most of the stuff that's probably going to disappear, i never noticed before - yet they all seemed to have been started by GW Bush. O.o