Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Supervillain musical by Joss Whedon

Please watch this QUICKLY, before it is removed and lost forever:

It's a brief, one-time, episodic show starring a few actors that you'll probably recognize. And I laughed my ASS off.

The bad news is that it will be taken down on July 20, after which time you will have to pay for it. I have faith in my fellow netizens that someone will reverse engineer the video delivery and stick it up on YouTube, but just in case, you might want to check it out right away. It's going to be pretty cheap, only $4 or so for the entire set.

(I decided NOT to encourage piracy after all... since this is partly an experiment to see whether such an endeavor can make real money.)


  1. Nicholas Svara2:55 PM

    Hey there-

    Just wanted to let you know that it's free until the 20th. After that, it'll be viewable for a fee, and there will be a DVD release at some point in the future (with a musical commentary track!)

    If you read the interview with Joss Whedon you'll see that it was done during the writer's strike, and everyone involved did it for free. There's a lot of awesome people that could deserve a little extra payment for repeat viewings. :)

  2. That was awesome. Thank you very much for posting it! Not sure how I missed this on digg.

  3. i must say that i wasn't sure if i'd like it. but it was damn fine!!! i can't believe it hasn't hit bigger yet. thanx for it!!