Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I have seen the light

I've had a sudden change of heart. Oddly enough, this seems to happen every year around this time.

Sadly, the Atheist Experience will be ending after next week.

Update: That was, of course, an April Fool's joke. Sorry for a taking a week to explain.


  1. Didn't have me. Not even for a second

  2. put something new on the blog your freaking people out 1.4 was a week ago

  3. that was very unpleasant. therefore, i'm not pleased. (said the creature of extreme habit)

  4. It was too brief an addmission if you had done a longer post you might have had me.

  5. You read the original post at the link, right?

  6. Yeah, but if you are going to change your religion or accept a new one, I think it would be more believable that you would post personal reasons on your own blog, that and we got April fools here first and I was ready:)

    It was good but your regular listners know your personalities too well.

    Next yeah I suggest picking one of the team - more believable.

    I love practical jokes unless of course they are on me :)

  7. Next yeah I suggest picking one of the team - more believable.

    I hope the fact that I picked all five of us simultaneously for conversion made it incredibly obvious what I was going for -- I wasn't trying to fool you at all, I was just trying to make people laugh. If I had wanted to catch people, I would have been much subtler.

    The post I wrote on AE was really intended to mimic the style of an Onion article. Certainly I wasn't expecting anyone to "fall for" anything, although Dan Marvin sort of did.

  8. You were being too kind. The vision of atheists all of the world screaming NOOOO! at their monitors is hilarious.

    Dan Marvin? I thought he'd died