Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring semester home stretch

I'm completely done with one homework, 90% done with the other! I'm also about 75% prepared for both of my tests this Saturday. It feels pretty good and reasonably non-panicky, compared with the ends of other semesters.

Then, this Sunday: Six Flags! (Ben is over 42" tall now, which means he gets to ride on the not-totally-sucky rides.)

Saturday after that: Performing Schubert and Bach! (I just hope I can get through the show without totally screwing up my fellow tenors. I had to skip two rehearsals this week on account of exams. I DID warn the director ahead of time, and asked him if he wanted me to sit out this performance as a result. He said "Stay in... you seem to be pretty solid on your part right now." Okay, who am I to argue?)

Coming next: Summer class on web servers! I get serious about my Master's Thesis!


  1. Michael12:37 AM

    Kazim, Why are you so proud that you showed up a little old lady and her daughter. They were just 2 people that believe in something so strongly that they are willing to endure humiliation from people like you to try to get their message across. They have faith and want to share it with you. They truly believe they are trying to save your life. Its not a bad thing. Just like your belief that there is no God. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want.

  2. I think you commented on the wrong post, but I assume you're asking about my encounter with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    So, why are you so proud that an old lady and her daughter were going around trying to tell gullible people fairy tales? And why are you so upset that it didn't work?