Thursday, March 01, 2007

In Which My Loserdom Is Sadly Exposed

For those of you who knew me in the days when I was "all fired up" about ridiculing/exposing Amway, here's a LONG overdue commentary.

You wouldn't know it to look at my page, but I still get email about Amway several times every week. I gave up updating the mail page around 2000. Although I made some half-hearted attempts to go through and HTML-ize my mail a few times since then, the problem isn't formatting the mails for the web... it's going through every single piece of mail and stripping out the names to protect their identities. After eleven years of seeing these emails, they do start to get repetitive. A bit more than half of them say "Thanks so much for saving me from a mistake!" or "Right on! Amway sucks!" The other half respectfully dissent by letting me know that I'm a pathetic loser and will never amount to anything.

I know that many of these people pour their hearts into the mail they've written to me, but I've read those words a great many times already, and I'm no longer that motivated to read it all twice. Occasionally I'll reply to one when the mood strikes, but rarely. Sorry, emailers. One of these days, I suppose I really should install a guest book or something so they can write their own messages.

Update: Good idea, past self! I took your advice and created a Perils of Amway Guestbook. Knock yourselves out, folks.

But this letter from "Binoy" really takes the cake, and I thought it would be a terrible thing not to share it.

Subject: Hi plz read - Binoy

i can understand ur situation cos i was der but den i decided i woud rather make money than give xcuses for my own shortcommings
Jus bcos u faild dosnt mean everyone fails u idiot

if john cestena recomends dis business den u gotta have sume nuts loose.

i earn a hell lot than i ever cud and so do 17 of my downlines. u should hav seen the poverty that they hav been lifted from.

if u want money get in make some and den talk.
quiters never win dude.
u r jus cryin bcos u wer un successful.
a lot of people are cos u don hav wat it takes to be rich u re jus a sore looser
if it was a bogus den it coudnt hav survived for 47 years.
wud u rather make money or complain.
i can understand ur situation cos i was der but den i decided i woud rather make money than give xcuses for my own shortcommings

Oh, there are sooo many things to enjoy about this letter. I mean, I hate to shoot at fish in a barrel, but this wildly successful businessman does appear to be functionally illiterate. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume from his interesting name that English is not his native language. However, I'm not so sure that is the case because I don't think I've ever seen foreigners make such heavy use of internet slang like "u r." Or say "dude."

Another thing that amuses me about this letter is the reference to John Sestina -- whom Binoy must respect very much to so creatively mangle the spelling of his name. John Sestina was the "big shot" who Amway was waving around as their street cred eleven years ago. Am I to understand that in all that time, they have not found one single new financial guy to endorse them? That's the worst track record I ever heard of. Even the creationists are constantly being joined by new "scientist" voices.

How well known is John Sestina these days? Well, my google search provides these hits on the name:

  1. John Sestina's company's web site.
  2. An anti-Amway page
  3. Another anti-Amway page
  4. John Sestina's book on Amazon
  5. My anti-Amway page
  6. A citysearch page for John Sestina's company
  7. A page where you can purchase and download John Sestina's tapes.

That's all there is on page one. Searching Google News today yields one hit that has the word "John" and talks about the sestina form of poetry, whatever that is. No reference to the world famous investment guy. I have nothing against John; I'm sure he's a fine financial advisor and all, but based on my search, I am pretty well convinced that he is known first and foremost as an Amway shill, far beyond being known for anything else. And again... they couldn't find a new spokesman after eleven years???

The last thing I wanted to highlight about this letter was "if it was a bogus den it coudnt hav survived for 47 years." Awww gee, you're right, I can't think of one single other enterprise that promises to deliver great wealth, fails to provide it for any but a very few people, and has lasted for more than a few decades. Nope, not one.


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I think you've taken the prize on "Stupid Trolls". ;)

    Seriously, that letter is pathetic.

  2. Good to see you back. I have read quite a bit on your site since putting up my blog (Quixtar Inside Out) about my time in Quixtar.

  3. aniket2:14 PM

    I think Amway / Qixter is an opportunity that u hav got. Dont know because of God's blessigns or someone's. But u must not miss it.

    Might be some top people r making money, but they hav showed u a nice rather excellent opportunity to become rich. If u think u can make millions in some other business or profession that too in few years without any specialized knowledge or high educational degrees, & that will be a royalty income (year after year, gen to next gen) please let me know. I am most interested to do that business or profession.

    And if you dont know such business or profession please shut ur mouth.

  4. I understand why you are bitter, the business did not work for you,would you like to know why? Because, How in the world do you expect to recieve the blessings of God in the manner in which this opportunity tells you if you are an athiest? My Lord loves everyone but come one he has to draw the line some where. I am so glad that you are free in your mind from this terrible company that hurts peoples minds. I am happy for you and me because I will never run into you. Sir you are weak and weak minded and like most crabs in a bucket you want to save others from the opportunity you had, and rejected. You and others like you would rather
    Drag people down by harping on the fears of the unknown. If we knew everything there would not be reason to strive to do better in this life. It is really unfortunate for those who listen to you. My family and myself owe the success that I now enjoy to these so called terrible people. You were too weak to make it happen for you so you want to drag others into the close minded financial hole you are in, Oh,but I forgot you work for IBM. When is the next lay off? You come to our Country with your idealogy of business, You did not even try to go and get a business of any kind after you left this business. Let's face it you have to be strong to run any kind of business. You chose the path of the JOB, enjoy it while you have it because when you least expect it it will be gone. You gave up the freedom not to be controlled by money. The freedom for you to help mothers come home to raise their own children, the freedom to choose to be beholden to a boss or not. In a 6 month attempt to open a business, what business do you know that takes 6 months to open and become a sussess? That is just dumb. I feel sorry that you were not strong enough to overcome and become what God, The Father in heaven, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, so that you know who I am talking about not a man or statue,OH Yeah, you are and athiest. Your father Satan is your guide. One day you will appologize for the things said here. You will I promise you. Because one of the so called terrible people are going to be the very ones to save you.
    Watch and see. I have to commend you however, your site is the only one that I found that would allow me to share my thoughts on the site. Please share with all who are willing to read. Or are you scared? You can ridicule people but you defy the God who created you. Whether you realize it or not.
    Truely sad. You will have to answer to Him not me,I am afraid for you.

    No Thanks,
    Tanya Haye

  5. Wow, Tanya, that's a lot of emotion you have wrapped up in your "business!" I'm sorry to have made you so very angry. Nevertheless, may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you.

  6. Joecool7:20 PM

    Tanya sure sounds bitter to me.

    Why is telling the truth "negative"
    or "bringing" someone down?

    The Bible says you cannot have two masters. When IBOs are worshipping the diamonds and the dollars they represent, aren't they worshipping false idols?

  7. Alison8:43 AM

    Completely out of curiosity i have read your articles which claim to expose the "truth" about Amway. I am not here to call names, judge or badmouth anyone, Simply to give an opinion. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with what appears to be from your story a very unprofessional and unethical IBO but in all honesty we are not all like that. And no i do not preach about Gods Blessing and nor am i fanatical. I simply see it as a way to give my family a better life. You work somewhere between 40 - 60 hours a week not seeing your family or having any time for yourself for 40 odd years so your boss can live the way they want and at the end of it your might be lucky to retire with a couple hundred grand which is supposed to fund your lifestyle until you die. I know that i don't want that for my future i would rather work my butt off for 2-5 years and reap the benefits of an early retirement and watching my kids grow up because you only get 1 shot at life. you can't rewind and do over. But i will leave you with this... What will happen when you stop working? Where will your money come from?

  8. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Amway owners claim in public to be Chritian but then they lie, cheat and steal like the devil himself. Actually, more than the devil, as the devil is just plain too busy.

    Don't be so easily taken in by their false and fraudulent claims.

    I happen to be a real Christian, and these CRIMINALS who really DO steal from the poor, ought to be prosecuted and after found guilty, thrown into prison and made to give up all of their ill-gotten gains.

    If Jesus is a dollar bill, then yes, they at Amway are Christians, But if not .... I mean, if Jesus Christ is NOT a dollar bill, then they are in deep do-do. And the stench of all their crap is incredibly bad.

    DeVos and his company will, on the day of their deaths, bust Hell wide open, as they drop into it's eternal flames. Just as did Jay and his wife.

    Deceivers are Conn-ed Men. -- The first conman a conman cons is always himself. First, that is.

    They then spend the rest of their lives seeking to validate their con by getting others to join in.

    May Jesus send Rich and his entire family of decievers to prison, for goodness sakes.

  9. "Amway owners claim in public to be Chritian but then they lie, cheat and steal"

    Wow, these 'chritians' sound worse than 'christians'

  10. Anonymous4:42 AM

    wow, its amazing how people who are usually smart and logical fall back onto a fully superstitious fairytale when they are faced with something that they cannot answer, shame on you for diverging from fact!!! keep it real. On the other hand, life is what you make of it. If someone does not do so well in something then they did NOT put appropriate energy into it, FACT! imagine having a kid and not parenting it as a person should, if you invest in something and not look after it what would happen, it will fail. sitting in an office this kinda stuff will be called politics, just mindless babel to let us think we are being entertained but at the end there are people who succeed in Amway and people who don't, just like school, work, life... peace out!!!