Monday, April 10, 2006

This is how big a nerd I am

In Fox Trot this weekend, there was a comic where Jason creates a paint by number. But since Jason is a little math geek, he doesn't just write in the numbers; he writes large numbers that are either divisible by 13, 17, or 19, or else they're prime.

Based on the caption, I figured it must be a picture of his sister Paige, but I couldn't just let it go without a solution. So I wrote a quick Perl program to interpret the numbers for me so I wouldn't need a calculator, and then I solved it in MS Paint.

Here you go.

Update (4/11)
I emailed Bill Amend to let him know I solved his puzzle. He wrote back today.

"The 2261 space should've been orange, not red. Not your fault. See the
note about the ambiguity on my web page.

Bill Amend"

Also, somebody else added the correctly colored puzzle to Bill's own blog.

Damn it!!!


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  2. You did what I thought to do, but was insufficiently nerdy to actualize. Well done!