Thursday, January 19, 2006

Classes start tomorrow

In case anyone is interested, I'm beginning classes towards my Master's degree tomorrow at the university of Texas. Check out my program at the Center for Lifelong Engineering.

My classes will meet once a month, all day Friday and Saturday. On both days, my schedule will be:

8am - 12pm
Data Mining EE 380L
Basic concepts of data mining, in parallel with a practical track involving hands-on experience with industrial strength software and a term project will be covered.
Instructor: Joydeep Ghosh

1pm - 5pm
Verification and Validation EE 382C.3
This course covers various traditional and state-of-the-art techniques for software validation, a process that includes reasoning about (the correctness of) programs and testing programs. The course content will include both techniques for dynamic analysis, such as glass-box and black-box testing, equivalence partitioning, test strategy and automation, regression testing and debugging, and techniques for static analysis, such as symbolic execution, and also techniques for software model checking including those that employ artificial intelligence based heuristics.
Instructor: Sarfraz Khurshid


  1. Pat Doyle9:53 AM

    Data mining??? Let's hope you don;t get a job offer from the NSA!

  2. I'm in class right now (on break and the classroom has wireless internet).

    As a matter of fact, the professor made the same joke you did. He asks the class for a definition of Data Mining, and then says "According to most people it means 'Invasion of Privacy'."

    He also brought up the "Total Information Awareness" act, which was the thing where people make "bets" on where the next terrorist attack will occur, and you get cash prizes for accurate results.

    My notes say "This actually has some scientific merit, but... HUGE PR disaster when you have people betting on other people getting killed."

  3. pat doyle4:34 PM

    Yeah, the firm I work is vying for a contract to mine federal govt. databases for hidden outstanding receivables. Given the state of current affairs, I couldn't resist the jab.

    Best of luck with the degree plan.

  4. jason5:25 PM

    Good luck Russell! That looks very challenging.