Thursday, July 04, 2002

Top 5 lists for games

Top five all-time greatest PC games:
  1. Star Control II - Accolade
  2. Warcraft III - Blizzard
  3. Doom - iD Software
  4. Diablo II - Blizzard
  5. A Mind Forever Voyaging - Infocom

StarCon2 is my hands-down pick for all time greatest game, combining many different gaming elements for a rich all around helping of action packed, mentally challenging, well written science-fictiony goodness.

I've given Doom a nod over all other 3d shooters, because I consider it pretty much the first major revolutionary step that defined a new standard that all 3d shooters were compared to from then on. It narrowly edges out Castle Wolfenstein in that category. As far as I know, Doom was the first FPS to include angled walls, multiple vertical levels, and good multi-player support.

Top five greatest adventure games:

  1. A Mind Forever Voyaging - Infocom
  2. Time Quest (one of the earliest text games by Legend, if you haven't seen it you can download it as abandonware)
  3. Sorcerer - Infocom
  4. Monkey Island 3 - LucasArts
  5. Space Quest 5 - Sierra

In recommending an adventure game, I like plotting an character above all else, followed by cleverness and good logic in puzzles. Obviously humor is an influencing factor.

Thus, while the Zorks were definitely an important shaping influence on the genre, it doesn't beat any of the ones on my list since they haven't really got any story.

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